Introducing Chocostar F1
The Sakata brown tomato tolerant to ToBRFV

In the ever-changing world of tomato farming, growers face various challenges, with diseases such as the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) causing significant difficulties.

This virus has caused widespread damage to tomato production worldwide. Sakata is introducing a solution: the Chocostar F1 tomato variety with Intermediate resistance to ToBRFV.

This resistance is a vital asset in the ongoing battle against ToBRFV, helping growers mitigate the virus’s impact and secure their crops.

Chocostar F1

A game changer for growers

  • Good long cycle results: This variety performs exceptionally well in heated glasshouses, making it ideal for extended growing seasons.
  • Excellent taste and texture: it offers a delightful eating experience with a rich flavour and satisfying texture.
  • Intermediate resistance to ToBRFV: it provides a crucial layer of protection against the devastating Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus.
  • Attractive colour: its appealing brown hue adds a unique touch to the tomato market.
  • Good tolerance to cracking: this ensures better marketability and reduces waste due to damaged fruits.
Sakata Chocostar F1, a specialty tomato with IR to ToBRFV
Sakata Chocostar F1, a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV
Sakata Chocostar F1 is a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV

The Challenge of ToBRFV

ToBRFV has rapidly spread across many tomato-producing regions, overcoming the standard resistance genes used to fight Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV).

Sakata understands the complexities and demands of breeding and developing market-leading products. Sakata’s research teams work to identify and incorporate resistance genes, providing growers with a variety of options to combat ToBRFV effectively.

“We have dedicated teams specializing in research and development, consistently delivering enhanced advancements and innovative solutions to benefit both growers and consumers”

Stéphane Bucamp, EMEA tomato product manager

Why choose Chocostar F1?

For growers, Chocostar F1’s intermediate resistance to ToBRFV provides a dependable defense, ensuring healthier crops and reducing economic losses.

With excellent taste, a firm bite, and good cracking tolerance, Chocostar F1 meets market demands for high-quality, attractive tomatoes.

For Consumers, the attractive brown colour and superior taste of Chocostar F1 offer a new and exciting option for tomato lovers.

Sakata Chocostar F1, a trendy specialty tomato popular for its taste

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