Sakata Turandot F1, a spinach variety highly productive
Your challenges

Tailored solutions for your vegetable farming challenges

As a farmer, you face unique challenges affecting your profitability and sustainability. Sakata offers a wide range of high-quality vegetable varieties designed to meet your specific needs and overcome the challenges you encounter. 

Yield performance
Maximise your farm profitability

Yield performance is essential to your farming success. Discover how Sakata’s solutions can help farmers like you increase yield and maximise your farm profitability.

Maximise your yield performance and profitability with Sakata high-yield varieties
Sakata high-quality vegetable hybrid seeds

Seed quality and availability

For your agriculture business, reliability is essential. Find out how Sakata can assist you in navigating through climate hazards, pests, and evolving regulations.

Uniqueness is good for your farming business

Find solutions to differentiate your business from the competition with unique vegetable varieties. 

Sakata Purple Magic F1, a purple broccoli variety
A healthy cucumber production to prevent yield loss

Risk management
Minimise risks and secure your crop production

Limit risks in vegetable farming with Sakata’s solutions for unpredictable weather, water stress, and diseases, ensuring sustainable production and profitability.

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