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Risk management

How to minimise risks and secure your crop production

As a vegetable farmer, you face numerous challenges when growing your crops. Unpredictable weather patterns can significantly impact your yield and profitability. Sakata offers solutions to address issues such as extremes temperature, water stress and diseases, to help you maintain a sustainable production.

Facing extreme
climatic conditions

Sakata Naxos F1, a broccoli variety tolerant to heat
Sakata Naxos F1 is a heat-tolerant broccoli variety
Sakata Marloo F1, a cabbage variety tolerant to heat
Sakata Marloo F1 is a heat-tolerant cabbage variety
Sakata Pink Dream F1, a tomato variety tolerant to cold conditions
Sakata Pink Dream F1 is a cold-tolerant tomato variety
Sakata Sweety F1, a cabbage variety tolerant to wet conditions
Sakata Sweety F1 is a wet-condition cabbage variety

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can harm your crop yields by affecting flowering, fruiting and overall growth.

By choosing varieties that adapt well to various climatic conditions, you can enhance crop resilience and limit the risk of yield loss.

Depending on your local growing conditions, you need crops that are either specifically created to perform well in higher temperatures and can withstand heat stress, can tolerate colder climates or are well-suited to wet conditions.

Some of Sakata’s climate-resilient hybrid varieties are:

  • Naxos F1 broccoli and Marloo F1 cabbage, heat-tolerant crops
  • Pink Dream F1 tomato offers good tolerance to cold conditions
  • Sweety F1 cabbage grows well under wet conditions

Resisting water stress

Higher temperatures increase the risk of insufficient water availability due to drought or irregular rainfall, leading to stunted growth.

You need varieties that can thrive in poor water conditions without compromising yield potential. Sakata offers drought-tolerant options created to maximise water uptake and maintain stable growth even under water stress.

By choosing these varieties, you can ensure that your crops remain productive during dry spells, helping to safeguard your yield and profitability. Sakata’s water stress-tolerant varieties include:

Sakata Parthenon F1
is a drought-tolerant broccoli variety
Sakata Jalila F1
is a drought-tolerant tomato variety

disease pressure

Sakata Chocostar F1, a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV
Sakata Chocostar F1 is a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV

With climate change, the pressure from pests and diseases increases. 

The more stress a crop experiences, the higher the risk of infection. Selecting disease-resistant varieties is essential for preventing damage and improving crop performance.

These varieties allow you to grow healthier plants, reduce the need for chemicals and ultimately lead to higher yields and better quality produce.

declining soil health

Soil degradation impacts nutrient availability and the health of your crops. 

You need to opt for varieties that perform well even in soils lacking nutrients to ensure consistent growth.

Such varieties are designed to tolerate poor soil conditions while maintaining high fruit quality and yield. By including them in your crop rotation, you can favour a steady production even in challenging conditions.

Some of Sakata’s varieties suitable for nutrient-deficient soils are:

Sakata Asem F1
Sakata Txeco F1

Need help to limit risks
with your crop production?
If you need assistance with minimising risks and securing your production by reducing yield and harvest losses, the Sakata team is here to support and guide you in achieving your production goals.

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