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Seed quality and availability

You are grower, a nursery or a seed distributor and work in an unstable environment: climate hazards, pests and diseases, evolving regulations, etc. Yet, sowing can’t wait. Therefore, you need to secure your activity with reliable products and services. This means getting the right quantity of high-quality seeds, delivered in time.

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High-quality seed is the first step in mitigating some critical risks and therefore securing your profitability. Sakata offers higher quality specifications to guarantee the level you expect, as well as specific disease and pest resistance packages to limit your exposure to sanitary risks.

Sakata performs seed quality control tests
Sakata performs seed quality control tests to prevent the risk of mixing

High-quality seeds start with genetic purity

To guarantee the genetic purity of its seeds, Sakata applies strict quality control.

During the production process, most seeds are grown in isolated fields to control the risk of accidental cross-pollination. In every Sakata seed production field, rogueing is thoroughly conducted during the growing season and regular field inspections are carried out.

To guarantee high-quality standards throughout the process at Sakata facilities, multiple tests are conducted at certain steps or before specific work orders. Genetic purity tests, pathology tests (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and quality control tests (seed count, weight, water content, etc.) ensure strict traceability and prevent the risk of mixing.

To further reinforce its professionalism, Sakata has invested in a strong traceability system (bar coding and RFID technology).

The higher the germination rate, the better

Low germination rates have a direct and drastic impact on your crop production: low plant count resulting in lower yield and consequently financial losses.

Replanting generates additional expenses and a delayed crop schedule. This is why Sakata strives to mitigate this risk by guaranteeing high-germination seed lots:

  • Sakata checks germination from seed production through to marketing, applying ISTA, ISHI, NAL, and Geves standards. All seed batches are tested upon arrival at Sakata’s premises and at every step of the industrial journey: this amounts to over 11,000 germination tests each year. In addition to laboratory tests, tests are also carried out in nurseries and fields to reflect real-life conditions.
  • Sakata guarantees optimal conditions to ensure germination rates during storage and packaging. Seeds are stored at controlled temperatures and hygrometry year-round. Sakata’s packaging protects seeds from UV damage and humidity.
  • To meet your specific needs, Sakata also offers a range of seed technologies to enhance germination (priming) or protect the seed (coating, pelleting) during the critical early growth stages.
Sakata Apollo F1 coated seeds for protection during the early growth stages
Sakata offers varieties with built-in resistance to help safeguard your production
Sakata offers varieties with built-in resistance to help safeguard your production

What about disease and pests?

Diseases and pests can have a substantial impact on your vegetable production.

With a series of pathology tests conducted along the process, Sakata guarantees the seed you get is free from any seed-borne disease. Additionally, Sakata provides you with built-in resistances (IR & HR) against viruses, fungi, and pests. Discover some of the varieties that help you reduce your risks. Do you need guarantees? Find out about Sakata’s quality certifications.

Reliability rhymes
with availability

Poor planning and logistics can result in delays and stockouts during critical planting seasons. 

Sakata makes sure you get enough seeds

  • Sakata Vegetables EMEA produces seed in 16 countries on 4 continents in both hemispheres.
  • Local sales representatives help you anticipate your needs so that your seed is available when you place your order
  • Sakata Vegetables EMEA carries over strategic stock for some of your preferred varieties to ensure year-round availability.
Processing of vegetables: traceability guaranteed back to the seed producer
Traceability is guaranteed back to the seed producer
Sakata's automated packing helps you get your seeds in time
Sakata's automated packing helps you get your seeds in time

Sakata makes sure you get your seed on time

Sakata constantly invests in improving lead times and reducing testing time throughout the process by: 

  • increasing in-house testing versus the use of external companies
  • developing Lab Genetic Purity capacity (markers) versus Grow Out tests (in the field)
  • anticipating any phytosanitary and shipment requirements to meet your local regulations
  • gaining efficiency throughout the Supply Chain, expanding the factory, automating packing, and upgrading seed-processing lines (cleaning, sorting, and treating capacity).

This gets Sakata seeds to you:

  • within between 48 hours (pre-order) and 7 working days (last minute orders) if you are located in Western Europe
  • within a maximum of 12 working days (pre-order ) if you are in another part of the world.

Thanks to this constantly optimised organisation, Sakata delivers millions of packets of seeds to 80 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

You need information or have requirements? Our team is ready to provide you with the necessary support and guidance to help you achieve your production goals.

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