Sakata Purple Magic F1, a purple broccoli variety

Uniqueness is good for your farming business

Competition is intense. Yet, whether you are a smallholder farmer, a medium to large-scale farmer, a high-tech grower, or a seed distributor, you can overcome this challenge. How? By standing out from your competitors. Here are Sakata’s suggested strategies.

unique varieties

Sakata Oriental Kiss F1, a pink tomato variety
Sakata Oriental Kiss F1 is a pink tomato variety

Providing a unique product can make a significant difference in a mass market. 

It helps you get customers’ attention and ultimately sell at a better price.

Sakata creates highly differentiated products, for which the company is unrivalled. Here are three examples:

  • Although pink tomatoes are popular in Russia and Uzbekistan, they are still a highly innovative product for other markets. Sakata offers a nice selection of pink tomato varieties.
  • Some are already available, such as Pink Paradise F1, which is the market leader.
  • Another variety is Oriental Kiss F1, which offers a good level of tolerance to TYLCV while retaining excellent taste.

Specialty tomatoes are now commonplace, but few stand out like Chocostar F1! 

This variety, which also shows resistance to ToBRFV, delivers superior quality in terms of taste, shelf-life and colour.

It is the  best brown tomato on the market!

Sakata Chocostar F1, a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV
Sakata Chocostar F1 is a brown tomato variety with IR to ToBRFV

unique resistance

Sakata Orionit F1, a butternut squash variety resistant to Didymella
Sakata Orionit F1 is a butternut squash variety resistant to Didymella
Sakata Aurora F1, a beet variety resistant to Rhizomania and Rhizoctonia
Sakata Aurora F1 is a beet resistant to Rhizomania and Rhizoctonia

You can stand out by offering varieties with distinctive features. 

But also, by offering varieties which stand alone in resisting crucial diseases.

Two very recent examples to share with you:

  • Orionit F1, the only butternut resistant to Didymella.
  • Aurora F1: this beet variety is the only one on the market to be resistant to both Rhizomania and Rhizoctonia.

trendy varieties

Bring colorful vegetables to your plate.
Choose from among some of Sakata’s coloured vegetables:

Sakata Purpurina F1
A purple cauliflower variety
Sakata Lisboa F1
An orange cauliflower variety
Sakata Purple Magic F1
A purple broccoli variety
Sakata Golden Eye
A vibrant golden beet variety

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Sakata Chocostar F1, a specialty tomato with IR to ToBRFV

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