A vegetable farmer holdind a Sakata Optima F1 cabbage
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a vegetable grower

You are a vegetable producer and you face unique challenges that can affect your profitability and sustainability. Find out the solutions Sakata offers to help you navigate the complexities of feeding your family, community, or global markets.

A smallholder farmer happy with his improved cabbage yield

You are
a smallholder farmer

Discover Sakata’s solutions tailored to your needs to help you overcome challenges in your vegetable production. 

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a medium and
large-scale farmer

Maximize output and ensure optimal returns in commercial vegetable production with Sakata’s tailored solutions to help you meet global demand for fresh produce successfully.

A large-scale farmer transplanting Sakata’s cauliflower to maximise productivity
A high-tech vegetable greenhouse grower

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a high-tech greenhouse grower

Discover Sakata’s varieties tailored for the complexities of advanced greenhouse farming.

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