You are a smallholder farmer How can seed choice improve farm profitability?

As a smallholder farmer, you’re the person people count on for fresh produce in your community. It’s a job with many challenges that can impact your income and the health of your business. Sakata is here to offer solutions to help you tackle those risks and maximise your yield.

A smallholder farmer happy  with his improved cabbage yield

Secure harvest and improve revenue

Sakata Sweet Ball F1, a high-yielding red cherry tomato variety
Sakata Sweet Ball F1 is a high-yielding red cherry tomato variety
Sakata Avanto F1, a cabbage producing maximum yield
Sakata Avanto F1 is a high-yielding cabbage variety
Sakata Powerslam F1, a cabbage producing maximum yield
Sakata Powerslam F1 has high yields with early maturity
Sakata Aicha F1, an okra producing maximum yield
High-yielding, Sakata Aicha F1 is a hybrid okra variety
Sakata Khadi F1, an okra producing maximum yield
Sakata Khadi F1 is a high-yielding okra hybrid

The right variety is your key to success

To improve your farm’s revenue, it is essential to produce maximum yield.

While some factors are beyond your control, having access to proven, high-quality seeds can significantly increase your success and support your farm profitability.

That’s why Sakata is committed to bringing you a diverse range of locally tested top-quality vegetable varieties suited to your growing conditions. Sakata hybrid seeds deliver you the benefit of greater resistance to diseases, faster emergence, easier growth and uniform crop production.

Among Sakata highly adaptable hybrid varieties you can find:

  • Sweet Ball F1, high-yield cherry red tomato
  • Avanto F1 and Powerslam F1, uniform and high yield cabbages
  • Aicha F1 and Khadi F1, high yield potential okras

Easy to handle vegetables

You want to be able to sell the maximum produce you grow.

So, it’s important to minimise loss during harvest and post-harvest. Knowing this, Sakata offers a range of vegetable varieties that withstand transportation and storage.

Two examples are:

  • Amiral F1 tomato, which is developed for outstanding firmness and can endure handling with minimal cracking
  • Interstellar F1 bunching onion with strong tops that make it resistant to damage and easy to peel
Sakata Amiral F1, a firm tomato variety that can endure handling
Sakata’s Amiral F1 tomato is a firm variety that can endure handling
Sakata Interstellar F1, a strong foliage bunching onion resistant to damage
With strong foliage, the Sakata Interstellar F1, bunching onion helps prevent damage at harvest

Facing unpredictable

Sakata Accord F1, a cabbage that adapts to changing weather conditions
Sakata Accord F1 is a resilient cabbage ideal for fresh market
Sakata Azuma F1, a climate-resilient beet variety that adapts to changing weather conditions
Climate-resilient, Sakata Azuma F1 beet variety adapts well to various weather conditions

Climate-resilient vegetable varieties

The effects of climate change are making vegetable production unstable.

Rising temperatures and unpredictable precipitation levels – both drought and excess moisture – are a threat to your operation.

To overcome these challenges, it pays to choose versatile vegetable varieties that will help produce maximum yield. Sakata has a wide range of varieties that adapt well to stress. Some of these climate-resilient hybrids include:

  • Accord F1, a resilient cabbage that can adapt to changing weather conditions
  • Azuma F1 is a highly adaptable beet variety suitable for various climates, particularly hot conditions

Vegetable varieties that can handle the heat

Tolerance to high temperatures is important to producing maximum yield.

All the more, for summer crops such as squash, pepper, and tomato highly exposed to heat stress. To answer this challenge, Sakata develops vegetable varieties more tolerant to heat. Some of these varieties delivering optimal performance even in hot weather conditions are:

  • Lola F1, a high-yield hot-set tomato adapted for tropical and sub-tropical regions
  • Milagro F1, a Piel del Sapo melon that withstands very hot conditions
Sakata TOM 02407 F1, high-yielding hot-set tomato variety
Sakata Lola F1 is a tomato variety adapted for tropical and sub-tropical regions
Sakata Milagro F1, a Piel del Sapo melon adapted to very hot conditions
Sakata Milagro F1 is a Piel del Sapo melon that stands up to very hot conditions

Improve your farming

Local cultivation advice

To maximise your harvests and get better profits, it is essential to use good farming practices (preparing soil, watering, removing weeds…) and know how to grow each variety.

How does Sakata help you?

  • Sakata local teams and distributors are here to support you all season long by bringing cultivation advice.
  • Sakata local teams and distributors can give you technical leaflets.
  • As a farmer, you are invited to participate in local open days to discover new varieties and learn agronomic information on how to cultivate them.
  • You can watch Sakata’s online best farming practices videos online.

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