Juan’s story

In Spain, coming from a family of growers, Juan Antonio has been immersed in the world of agriculture his entire life. His parents were dedicated farmers, instilling in him a deep respect for the land and its produce. At the age of 21, Juan began his own journey as a grower, and for the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to cultivating zucchini.

Juan, a dedicated zucchini grower in Spain

To obtain better results, he has tried different varieties. 

What I value most about the Sakata team is that they know how to work with the grower, listening to our problems to offer varieties that solve them

Juan Antonio

Zucchini farmer, Spain

The challenges
Juan faced

Juan’s extensive experience in zucchini farming, however, has not been without its challenges.

One of the most significant threats to his crops has been the New Delhi virus. This virus has wreaked havoc on zucchini plantations across the region, often causing devastating losses. Some farmers have reported losing up to 40% of their production, with entire crops sometimes being wiped out. The virus does not discriminate, making it incredibly difficult for farmers like Juan to maintain a stable and profitable yield.

In addition to battling the New Delhi virus, Juan faced the challenge of producing high-quality zucchini that could meet the stringent standards of cooperatives. Achieving high production with good quality and desirable characteristics is essential for securing the best possible prices in the market.

This dual challenge of disease management and quality control made zucchini farming a strenuous endeavor.

Turning point
with Sakata

Juan’s fortunes took a positive turn when he was introduced to Sakata’s Kai F1 zucchini variety.

This variety offered a lifeline to his struggling crops. The Kai F1 zucchini is resistant to the New Delhi virus.  He did not have to worry about the virus decimating his harvest. This resistance allowed Juan to achieve high production levels, as every plant was healthy and capable of producing fruit.

The benefits of this zucchini variety didn’t stop at disease resistance. It also supported an extended growing cycle without compromising the quality of the zucchini. This meant that Juan could generate more production over time, significantly increasing his profitability. The longer cycle and sustained quality of the crop translated into more benefits and a more robust bottom line for Juan’s farming business.

Quality and Efficiency

Juan was particularly pleased with the quality of the Kai F1 zucchini fruits.

The zucchinis were straight, dark, and had the ideal size, making them highly attractive to buyers. Additionally, the variety was easy to handle and required minimal labor, further reducing costs and increasing Juan’s overall profitability.

For the past five years, Juan has worked closely with the Sakata team, and he has nothing but praise for their support and collaboration. The Sakata team’s approach to working with growers, listening to their problems, and providing tailored solutions has been instrumental in Juan’s success.

The Kai F1 variety is a perfect example of this partnership in action, addressing the specific challenges faced by zucchini growers in the region.

Juan's testimony

Juan Antonio’s story is a powerful example of the resilience required in today’s agriculture. 

Through his collaboration with Sakata, he has overcome significant challenges and achieved success.

Reflecting on his journey and the impact of Sakata’s support, Juan Antonio Rodríguez shared,

“What I value most about the Sakata team is that they know how to work with the grower, listening to our problems to offer varieties that solve them. In my case, the main problems that zucchini growers face are the New Delhi virus, which can cause us to lose a very high percentage of production, and obtaining a profitable crop, and with Kai, we solve all these problems. With the resistance to the New Delhi virus, all the crop is virus-free, so I can achieve a high production with very high quality.”

You need support for your crop production? The Sakata team is ready to provide you with support and guidance to achieve your production goals.

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