Joe’s Mwangi’s story

Joseph Mwangi has been growing cabbages in Kenya since 1990. His dedication to his land and crops is evident in every corner of his 5-acre farm. In addition to his own land, he also rents an additional 10 to 15 acres, bringing his total cabbage production to between 15 and 20 acres.

Joseph Mwangi,
a key player
in his community

To sustain and enhance his productivity, he has experimented with various cabbage varieties to boost yield and profitability.

The sowing of this cabbage in nursery gave me 99% in nursery production

Joseph Mwangi,

Farmer, Kinangop, Kenya

The challenges of a seasoned farmer

Despite his experience and dedication, Joseph faced significant challenges in his farming journey.

The most pressing issue was the percentage of saleable produce. On average, he could only sell between 50% and 65% of his harvest. The quality of the cabbage heads and their ability to withstand field conditions until the buyer arrived were critical factors affecting his yield.

In Joseph’s region, Xanthomonas, a bacterial disease, wreaked havoc on cabbage fields, making it even harder to produce marketable crops. This disease often compromised the quality of the heads, reducing their market value and Joseph’s income.

Furthermore, the unpredictability of when his buyer would arrive added another layer of uncertainty. His cabbages needed to have excellent field-holding ability to ensure they remained fresh and marketable during this waiting period.

A turning point
with Sakata

Everything changed for Joseph when he discovered the Conquistador F1 hybrid cabbage variety provided by Sakata.

This variety offered a solution to almost all the challenges he faced. With the Conquistador F1, Joseph achieved an impressive 85% yield, a significant increase from his previous 50-65%. The quality of the harvested heads improved remarkably, offering better texture, weight, and overall appearance.

One of the most significant advantages of the Conquistador F1 hybrid was its field tolerance to the prevalent Xanthomonas disease. This disease-resistant variety ensured that Joseph’s crops were healthier and more robust, reducing the losses that had plagued his farm for years. Additionally, the Conquistador cabbages boasted superior field holding ability. This meant that even when his buyer was delayed, the cabbages retained their freshness and quality, ready for market whenever the buyer arrived.

Thanks to increased disease tolerance, the quality of Joseph’s harvests improved

The Conquistador F1 is a hybrid cabbage with increased disease tolerance, specifically to the Xanthomonas disease in Joseph’s area. 

The positive impacts of the Conquistador F1 hybrid didn’t stop at Joseph’s increased yield and better quality produce. His buyer was equally impressed with the results. The cabbages were not only easier to sell but also met the customers’ preferences. This mutual satisfaction between farmer and buyer led to better business relationships and increased profitability for both parties.

Joseph was thrilled with the brilliant germination rates of the Conquistador variety. From sowing to harvest, the plants demonstrated exceptional growth, culminating in clean, solid, and high-quality cabbage heads. These heads often weighed between 5 to 6 kilograms, making them highly desirable in the market.

Better field holding ability helped to reduce harvest losses

Improved field-holding ability allowed Joseph to maintain the quality of his cabbages until buyers arrived, reducing harvest losses and boosting profits.

Rising temperatures, unpredictable precipitation levels, and drought are a threat to your activity. To overcome these challenges you need to opt for versatile crop varieties to ensure a successful harvest. Sakata offers a range of varieties that adapt well to stress.

To illustrate, Accord F1, is a resilient cabbage that can adapt to changing weather conditions, making it ideal for the fresh market, and the beet Cardeal F1, is a very adaptable variety that works in well all climates.

Joseph's testimonial

Joseph Mwangi’s story is one of resilience, adaptation, and ultimate success.

Through his partnership with Sakata and the adoption of the Conquistador F1 hybrid cabbage, he transformed his farming operations, achieving higher yields and better quality produce.

Need support for your crop production? The Sakata team is ready to provide you with support and guidance to achieve your production goals.

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